CTIA's Members' Parental Controls Features and Resources for Mobile Devices and Usage

Alaska Communications Systems Calculator
Alltel Wireless UseContent Filters 
  • UseContent Filters Parental Controls - Alltel believes every parent or employer should have the ability to limit exposure to questionable content available through the Alltel Web for any phone on their account. Parental Controls allow you to exercise this kind of control at no extra charge.

Apple UseEducational

  • UseParental Controls for iOS (or iOS Restrictions) for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are built into iOS to help parents set custom restrictions for Safari, Camera, FaceTime, Game Center, YouTube, Location Services and more. Even manage access to stuff already purchased from the iTunes Store and App Store.
  • Content FiltersParental Controls for iTunes are Preferences that allow parents to set content restrictions. For example, you can restrict explicit content from displaying in the iTunes Store. You can also disable podcasts, radio content, the iTunes Store, and shared music so that these items don't appear on the left side of the iTunes window.
  • EducationaliTunes Store Parental Advisories provides a guide to the Parental Advisory Label that appears on some selections available in the iTunes Store.

Asurion Privacy and Security

  • Privacy and Security Mobile Security - Asurion offers a variety of mobile security services through wireless carriers to protect your data, maintain your privacy and help you locate your phone when it is lost.

AT&T Mobility CalculatorTimeContent FiltersMonitorPrivacy and SecuritySafe DrivingEducational

  • AT&T Smart Controls is the all-in-one destination to get the most from AT&T services for your mobile phone, computer and TV. With information and tools to manage content, spending, safety, time and your location, Smart Controls lets you take control of the technology in your life.
  • UseContent FiltersTimeWireless Parental Controls
    • Purchase Blocker: Block downloads of games, apps etc. that are direct-billed to your AT&T account.
    • AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless enables parents to set boundaries for children by blocking harassing calls and texts, limiting purchases that are direct billed to your account, setting time restrictions, limiting texting, curbing data usage and preventing 411 charges.
  • Data Calculator helps families to choose the right service plan based on how much data is needed. Also, check out the Mobile Share Planner.
  • Privacy and SecurityLocation Privacy manages who can see your location for AT&T FamilyMap and control privacy settings for popular third-party applications and services that seek to know your location and control who has access to see your location.
  • Privacy and Security AT&T FamilyMap® locates family members on a map from your wireless phone, PC or U-verse TV. Set Schedule Checks for FamilyMap to automatically locate your child's phone at specific times of day and get notified by text or email when they arrive at their destinations (e.g., school, home, soccer practice, etc.)
  • Safe Driving AT&T DriveMode® - When enabled and the vehicle reaches a speed of 25 mph, the app sends a customizable auto-reply message to incoming texts, letting family and friends know you're behind the wheel and will reply when it's safe.
  • EducationalMobile Safety is a resource for parents, AT&T offers a website designed to help parents navigate the increasingly tricky world of their children and cellphones.

Bandwidth Calculator

  • Calculator Bandwidth calculator measures the estimated time needed to download a file at different connection speeds.

BlackBerry Use

  • UseBlackBerry Parental Controls is an integrated feature that provides parents and guardians simple options to help them protect their children by restricting access to specific functions, features and applications.

BlueAnt Wireless Safe Driving

  • Safe Driving Smart Practices While Driving tips if users choose to use their Bluetooth device while driving.

Bluegrass Cellular UseSafe Driving

  • Use Text Messaging Controls solution provides you with a suite of value-added services for SMS and MMS messaging.
  • Use Call blocking - Block incoming calls of your choice by using the star codes below.
  • Use Call restriction - Allows you to either restrict all inbound or all outbound calls.
  • Safe Driving Drive Now Text L8R is a campaign to raise awareness about the risks of texting and driving. The Campaign includes a pledge that that reminds wireless users that all text messages can – and should – wait when in a vehicle.

Bluetooth SIG Educational

Bragg Communications DBA Eastlink Wireless Educational

  • EducationalParental Controls - Set Up Instructions are available to help you set up parental controls using your interactive programming guide.

Cellcom Calculator

  • CalculatorData Calculator use the categories to help you decide what data plan is best for you.

Cisco, Inc. Content FiltersMonitorPrivacy and Security

  • Content FiltersMonitorPrivacy and Security Cisco Connect Software allows users to manage guest access, add devices, view WiFi settings and enable parental controls.

Cox UseTimeContent Filters

  • UseTimeContent Filters Parental controls are designed to help parents manage their children’s TV viewing time and block their access to adult content. Parental controls allow you to block or “lock access by channel, TV and movie rating, content and time period. They also completely hide titles and descriptions for any programs with Adult or NC-17 ratings.

Dell Content Filters

  • Content FiltersHow to Use the Parental Control Feature - You can use the Parental Control feature of Microsoft Bookshelf to hide potentially offensive content. When enabled, the Parental Control feature hides articles in Bookshelf that contain words which are labeled as vulgar, vulgar slang, offensive, offensive slang or obscene in the American Heritage Dictionary.

Dish Network Privacy and Security

  • Privacy and SecurityParental Locks allow you to limit the programming that can be watched on your receiver. This enables you to ensure that the programming being watched is appropriate for your family. You can access this feature by navigating to the Menu on your Dish Network receiver and then entering the "Locks" menu.

Disney Educational

  • Educational Internet Safety - The best form of Online Safety begins at home with you, the parent. We offer you the following tips to keep your child safe on the Internet. The best way to know what your child is doing online is to ask. Whether you ask other parents, an Internet-savvy friend or your child about how they use the Internet asking the right questions will help you understand what your child is doing online so you can make sure they are making safe online choices.
  • EducationalPrintable Safety Tips - Disney presents six safety tips for kids online for parents to print out and go over with their children.
  • EducationalPrintable Web Agreement - After discussing online safety with their children, parents are welcome to print out this web agreement to determine rules and boundaries for their children online.

DoCoMo Pacific, Inc. Calculator

  • Calculator Max Data Calculator allows customers to choose their device and answer usage questions to estimate daily or monthly data usage.

Ford Motor Company Use Safe Driving

  • Use Safe Driving MyKey allows parents to limit speed and audio volume to encourage teens to drive safer and improve fuel efficiency.

GCI Communication Corp. UseContent Filters

  • UseContent Filters Parental control tools include purchase locks for Pay-Per-View (PPV) and Video On Demand (VOD), so movies or TV programming can’t be ordered without parental approval. A Parental control code may restrict view by setting locks on ratings, channels or even specific programming titles. You can also hide adult titles from being displayed on screen.

GreatCall, Inc. Monitor

  • Monitor 5Star Urgent Response™ with GPS  allows parents to keep their children safe with the touch of a button. Features include the ability to track your kid’s location online, instant access to emergency services and access to certified response agents who are equipped to handle a wide variety of situations and will remain on the line with you until your situation is resolved.

Google Content Filters Privacy and Security

  • Content Filters SafeSearch is designed to screen sites that contain sexually explicit content and remove them from your search results. While no filter is 100% accurate, SafeSearch helps you avoid content you may prefer not to see or would rather your children did not stumble across.
  • Content Filters Google Play requires developers to label their applications according to the Google Play ratings system, which consists of four levels: Everyone, low maturity, medium maturity, or high maturity. Using a PIN code, users can lock a setting to filter apps on their devices so that only apps deemed appropriate for use can be displayed and downloaded.
    • Developers are responsible for rating the apps they upload to Google Play accurately. If users come across incorrectly rated apps, they can flag such apps for review. Google will evaluate each case according their guidelines.
  • Privacy and Security On Android devices you can turn off geolocation for all apps and websites. Visit the "Location and Security" or "Location services" menu under Settings to do this. Once turned off, if an app or website wishes to access location information, it will ask you to change your settings or work without this information.
    • When you download an Android app from Google Play, the app must ask you for permission to use geolocation. It must also specify how granular the location information is which it is asking for. Depending on the app, this information could be used in a variety of ways whether that's providing targeted results, or publishing your location on the web.

Locaid Privacy and Security

  • Privacy and SecurityNetwork Location Keeps Loved Ones Safe – Most people don’t know that they carry a powerful security device right in their pockets: their cell phones. With network location from Locaid, you can tell parents where their children are, help college students stay safe on campus and provide extra information to 911 operators, all without saying a word.

Microsoft Corporation Use Content Filters Privacy and Security

  • Use Content Filters Privacy and Security Microsoft Family Safety – Parents can ensure that in Zune Social your child will encounter only the content, people, and activities you deem appropriate.

Motorola Use Safe Driving Educational

  • Safe Driving EducationalResponsible Driving is a resource that includes educational materials, mobile device features and legislation that Motorola supports in its efforts to promote safe driving.
  • UseMy MotoSpeak is a free Android app that uses text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology so your texts are read to you and you can dictate a response and even initiate a text – all hands-free when using a MY MotoSpeak-enabled Bluetooth headset or in-car speakerphone and your phone.

MTA (Matanuska Telephone Association) UseContent Filters

  • UseContent Filters Parental controls may block unrated programming, channel-by-channel blocking, and blocking by content rating levels.

MTS Communications, Inc. Content Filters Calculator

  • Content Filters Internet parental controls puts parents in control of web content accessed from a computer, letting parents decide what is appropriate for their family. The content filter features 20 filtering categories, password protection, site monitoring and customizable safe lists.
  • Calculator Internet Data Usage Calculator allows users to estimate the amount of data they use based on a number of categories including webpage visits, streaming audio and video and online gaming.

Nex-Tech Wireless UseTimePrivacy and Security

  • UseTimePrivacy and Security Message Manager allows users to limit who can access their mobile number, block numbers or emails and limit access during specific time periods.

NQ Mobile US, Inc. Use Privacy and Security

  • Content Filters Monitor Time NQ Family Guardian provides parents tools to monitor their children's mobile activities, block websites, monitor apps and review calls, photos and texts.
  • Use Privacy and Security NQ Mobile Security – Android/Windows Phone app that protects against malware, spyware, hackers and all mobile threats.

Omnilert, LLC Use Educational

  • Use Educational uTip Bully Buster is a "Bully Deterrent System" that combines technology with psychology to decrease bullying and crime at school. The system enables kids to anonymously report a situation immediately so administrators or teachers can respond safely.

OnStar Use

  • Use Family Link gives you access to the location of your OnStar-equipped vehicles along with the option to receive scheduled email or text message alerts about those vehicles. That means peace of mind for you and your loved ones while they're on the road.

Pioneer/Enid Cellular Monitor

  • Monitor Guardian allows you to monitor your cellular usage, airtime, text, data, downloads and more by selecting a personal threshold. When phone usage exceeds the selected threshold, all phones on the account will receive a text and email alerting them of the overage.
Sprint UseCalculatorTimeMonitorPrivacy and SecuritySafe DrivingEducational
  • UseMonitorSprint Guardian a collection of mobile family safety and device security bundles that provide families relevant tools to help stay safe and secure.
  • UseTimeMonitorSprint Mobile Controls provides a simple webpage that gives parents the power to manage various on-demand controls and receive optional alerts, view an easy-to-read dashboard of your child’s phone usage, set phone use limits by time of day and day of week and see who your child is talking or text with and when. Establish an allowed list of phone numbers that can call or text your child, see what apps your son or daughter is downloading to their phone and set alerts to stay informed of any potentially concerning behavior.
  • Data Calculator helps families to choose the right service plan based on how much data is needed.
  • Privacy and Security Sprint Family Locator - Quickly and easily locate your family members on an interactive map. Set up automatic location checks to get notified that your kids made it to school safely and on time.
  • Privacy and SecuritySprint Lookout Family Mobile Security - Protect your family’s smartphones from evolving mobile threats including malware, spyware, phishing and malicious websites.
  • Safe DrivingSprint Drive First is a mobile application that keeps families and especially teens safe on the road by decreasing distractions from their smart phones while driving. Drive First automatically detects when a phone is in a moving vehicle and puts it in driving mode.
  • Educational Sprint 4NetSafety offers free tools from expert resources that address perils that young people commonly encounter online and encourage positive dialogue about internet safety. Sprint has launched the 4NetSafety program in partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC) and the National Education Association Health Information Network (NEA HIN).

Symantec Corporation Use Monitor Time

  • Use Monitor Time Norton™ Online Family provides web monitoring and blocking features to allow parents to see what sites their kids are visiting and block content they feel is inappropriate. Norton Online Family includes Norton Safety Minder: Mobile Edition for Android app that lets monitor kids’ web activity on their smartphone and block potentially dangerous sites

T-Mobile USA UseCalculatorContent FiltersPrivacy and SecuritySafe DrivingTimeEducational

  • Use TimeFamily Allowances enables parents to set upfront limits for minutes, messages and downloads in order to avoid unexpected overage charges on your bill. Family allowance also allows parents to set time of day restrictions. Family members learn to “budget” their phone use and everyone stays connected.
  • Educational Family Wireless 101 provides resources for parents to understand and manager their children's wireless use.
  • Use Message Blocking is a service that allows customers to block messages to and from a phone to avoid unwanted messages.
  • Privacy and Security Mobile Security Applications: T-Mobile makes mobile security applications available to help protect customer's devices, their data and their privacy from mobile threats such as spyware, malware, phishing websites
  • Use International Long Distance Blocking is available for any line at no additional cost, to eliminate unwanted calls overseas.
  • Content Filters Web Guard is an optional feature that, when activated, blocks access to certain websites for safer browsing.
  • Data Usage helps families to choose the right service plan based on how much data is needed.
  • Privacy and Security FamilyWhere helps parents find your family members using their mobile phone’s location.

TeleCommunication Systems, Inc Monitor

  • MonitorFamily Locator™ is a powerful yet easy-to-use application for locating, updating and communicating with family and friends. It allows parents to securely locate kids and teens as well as access other location-based information such as points of interest and directions.

Tracfone Educational

  • EducationalText Message Lingo - Stay in touch, say hello or reply without saying a word. Learn the latest lingo in text messaging.

U.S. Cellular Calculator

  • Family Protector provides safety and security by monitoring your children's location and mobile usage. Review your child's calls, block websites, restrict apps, and more. Available on select Smartphone devices.
  • CalculatorData Estimator helps families to choose the right service plan based on how much data is needed.

Verizon Wireless UseCalculatorTimeContent FiltersMonitorPrivacy and SecuritySafe DrivingEducational

  • EducationalVerizon Family Safeguards and Controls helps you manage and create the digital experience that's just right for your family with tools like Usage Controls, Family Locator, and Content Filters.
  • UseTimeFamily Base gives parents the tools to control cell phone usage by setting monthly usage allowances for voice minutes, messaging, data and content purchases. Parents may also set time restrictions, block contacts and add trusted phone numbers and email addresses to their children’s phones.
  • Content Filters Content Filters offer age-appropriate content filters, which are easy to change as your child matures, protecting your family when they use V CAST Music, V CAST Video, Mobile Web 2.0 and short code-based messaging campaigns.
  • Privacy and SecurityFamily Locator uses your mobile device or the web to view the location of family members with Family Locator-capable devices, displayed on a detailed map.
  • Calculator Data Usage Calculator helps families to choose the right service plan based on how much data is needed. Also, check out the More Everything Plan.
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